Wild Card MLB Draft Prospects

Among the many prospects available in the MLB draft, the biggest wild card is among collegiate players. There are popular baseball training equipment store who are a potential wild card pick: Matt McLain and Jones. Both are left-handed batters who have great tools but lack major athleticism.
Matt McLain slips to the 17th pick

Despite being the first collegiate infielder taken last summer, Matt McLain slipped to the 17th pick in the 2021 MLB draft. While he didn’t make a big impact as a freshman, the scouting community has had him on their radar for a while. In fact, he was once considered one of the top prep hitters in the country.

McLain’s game is a little different than his brother Nick’s, but he has a great ball-to-bat tool and solid contact. Despite his small frame, McLain can play all three outfield positions, as well as infield. Those are skills that could translate to the majors.
TJ is a rising junior and has an excellent tool set

Corey Dickerson, Ethan Jackson, and Elijah Green could be the top three prospects in the 2022 draft. These are all players with all-around tools and the potential to make several All-Star Games.

Dickerson has the size and strength to be a plus hitter, though he has shown that he can adjust to breaking pitches. Dickerson also has the projection to stay third base, but he needs to add strength to his barrel to make harder contact. He’s shown that he can handle better pitching than he did in high school.
Romero is a left-handed batter with a smooth swing

Corey Dickerson is a left-handed batter with a smooth swing. He may be ideal for teams looking to develop power. In addition to a solid bat, he has a good arm and a three-pitch mix to start.

Dickerson has been productive in the Power Five conference for two years. In the spring, he tied for third in Division I with 27 homers. reviews over at Strobe Sport has also improved his consistency. He is likely to play shortstop in the majors. However, he has a small stride and produces contact without power.
Wallace has a low-90s fastball and swing-and-miss slider

Connor McAllister’s plus power, stout frame, and on-base skills are impressive. But he has struggled to walk more than strike out. The Coastal Carolina product’s swing needs to be more consistent and his mechanics could be improved. This has put his draft status in jeopardy. However, he could be a late first-rounder if he continues to develop his mechanics.

Connor McAllister’s bat should make him a solid outfield corner in pro ball. He also has excellent footwork and an arm to stay at shortstop. The right-handed hitter has a high floor as a regular in the outfield. He has a plus slider.
Johnson has great instincts and less-great athleticism

Despite his underwhelming performance as a true rookie, Johnson managed to garner enough buzz from a handful of scouts to land on the short list of finalists. Although he may be a bit late to the party, his combination of speed and versatility will likely make him a valuable commodity in his own right. He could be the next big Pahokee star in the making.

The best part is that Johnson isn’t even the first name on the list. He has a lot of room for improvement, but he’s got the skills to go along with the raw talent. That means Johnson is likely to make a huge impact this season.
Whisenhunt has a tall, gangly southpaw who combines strike-throwing polish with an intriguing pitch mix

Despite his ineligibility, Josh Whisenhunt has a tall, gangly southpaw who combines strike-throwing polish with an intriguing pitch mix. He could be the first prep arm off the board when draft day rolls around.

His fastball sits at a low-90s clip, and his slider is arguably the best pitch in the class of the 2022 draft class. He has a slider with insane horizontal movement. He also throws a changeup with muted spin.

He’s also got a good curveball with good depth. A scout said his fastball is good enough that it’s not needed, but it’s also an interesting pitch mix. Strobe Sport | Strobe Sport – everyday free shipping got three quality major league offerings, and he has an impressive track record of throwing strikes.
Jones is the biggest wild card among collegiate position players

Among collegiate position players, Chris Jones is the biggest wild card. He is a top 10 FBS runner, has played cornerback, has had two sacks, and has racked up 2,345 all-purpose yards. The best part is that he is also the best defender in his class. While Jones missed out on the title of best runner in the conference, he finished the season ranked sixth in the FBS with 1,213 yards rushing and 93 tackles. He also led the conference in steals.

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