How to Move a Queen Mattress


If you're wondering how to move a queen-sized mattress, you have a few options. You can ask friends, neighbors, or people at your gym to help, or you can hire professional movers. In either case, you'll need at least two people to carry the bed, learn more about Budget Hauling Inc..

Transporting a queen size bed

Transporting a queen size bed can be a tricky process. These beds are heavy and bulky, and they come with a large box spring. Fortunately, newer queen models come with a split box spring set. Here are some tips for moving this large bed: First, try to fold the mattress lengthwise. This will make the task of carrying it easier.

Second, measure the bed to ensure that it is the right size. Usually, a queen mattress is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. Most pickup trucks can accommodate a queen size bed. However, if the bed is too big for the truck, you may need to open the tailgate.

Next, plan your move. You'll need a truck or a moving trailer, depending on the size of the bed. Remember, you need a large vehicle to move such a heavy item. Also, it is a good idea to rent a dolly for your bed. Also, make sure to disassemble all of the legs of the bed. That way, you'll have a better idea of the dimensions and how to move the bed.

Before you move, make sure that your truck has the space for the queen size bed. Most trucks have short bed options and will fit the queen mattress. Otherwise, you may need to get a truck with a long bed. A truck with a long bed allows you to avoid putting the mattress against the tailgate and will allow you to rest the bed against the truck bed rail.

Transporting a queen size bed in a van

There are a few steps that you need to take when transporting a queen size bed in a vehicle. First, make sure that the bed is disassembled. Then, wrap it with blankets or furniture pads. If the bed is heavy, you can use dollies or straps to help you move it. Once the pieces are separated, you can use a rope to secure them together.

Another method is to strap the mattress to the top of your car. This method is less cumbersome than trying to move the bed inside your vehicle. An average-sized car should be able to fit a queen-sized bed, but a king-sized bed might overhang and cause damage.

You should also consider the size of the van. Some vans have a smaller interior space than others, which can hinder your movement. A cargo van, for example, has room for a queen-sized bed, but it is likely to have a lower ceiling. Therefore, you should always avoid putting your bed inside a minivan.

The most common van models can fit a queen-sized bed diagonally. However, if you do not have a box mattress, a queen-sized mattress may not fit in your vehicle. If you are unsure about whether your minivan will fit a queen-sized bed, you should measure its dimensions before transporting it.

Moving a queen size bed by yourself

If you're planning to move your queen size bed to a new home, you should rent a truck that has enough room to accommodate the entire bed. This task may require several trips, so be prepared for a bit of physical labor. Also, you'll need the proper equipment, such as ropes or packing tape. Then, you can wrap and secure the bed to prevent it from being damaged.

Whether you're moving within your city or across the country, moving a queen size bed is difficult and can require specialized packing and moving equipment. You'll need ropes and packing tape, which can help you transport the heavy mattress safely. Otherwise, hire amovers to move the bed for you.

You should take a heavy-duty mattress cover with you. Double-bagging the mattress may also be necessary. The extra weight may make moving the mattress on your own too difficult, especially if you're moving it by yourself. Regardless of your method, you need to have moving company and use safe techniques to move the mattress safely.

To make moving a queen-size bed a breeze, you should prepare ahead of time. You'll need extra hands to help carry the heavy bed down the stairs, through doors, and into the moving truck. You can also use moving straps or a rented dolly to help lift the bed. Also, it's a good idea to have a plastic bag ready to protect the parts of the mattress.